Tuesday, May 15, 2007



GhettoFab said...

love it! all super heroes need to be mini!!! I want this toy!!!!!


new sidekick?

"i shall call him mini-me" :)

btw dustin nguyen is REALLY happy about getting a table in artist's alley @ this year's SDCC

go over there and tell him:


RobSchwager said...

DOOD! What's the chibi batman for...?

Guglie said...

It's sooo cute!

We have to overwhelm DC with thousand of mails asking for having a keys ring with this batman!

LauraBraga said...

Hi Dan!!!
Great this SD Batman. Very funny!!! I love it!! EH.eh.eh!!! Want to see more Superheroes like this!!!


UrbanBarbarian said...

MEL: Soon it will be in the hands of all the Bat-o-Philes!

COMIKXGUY: I'm getting amped!

ROB: Crazy toy designs

GUGLIE: That would be nice! Let's start a revolution!

LAURA: More? Well, maybe I happen to have some more! You're in luck! I have to finish up a few more before my trip to Paris on Tuesday. Two weeks in France! I may never leave!

Anonymous said...

that looks like Keaton, is it?

Nice sD batman

UrbanBarbarian said...

BRIAN: No, it's the Machinist. Hard to really get a likeness out with only the bottom part of the head. Christian Bale's jaw is pretty average. Keaton's was a little weaker. But I can see where they both sort of look the same in costume.

Ana Banana said...

very nice!

...although he looks as though he's been hammered a few times with a meat tenderizer.

ahhh...the mini me version. I like.