Monday, August 13, 2007

Mike Wieringo, RIP

A tremendous artist and friend to all passed away. Mike "Ringo" will be missed. God bless him.

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Surfer Joe said...

Just got the news about Mike Wieringo... I am in shock right now. I talked with Mike just last week about working on this sketch card set I have had going for a while now...

Mike was always super nice, and as an inker, was a complete pleasure for me to ink. I consider myself privileged that I got to ink the few pieces I did over him; some of what I consider to be my best stuff-more because of his pencils than my inks.

Besides his ridiculous level of talent, Mike was a good guy, with a word of advice to many young artists- I watched how he interacted with lots of kids at HeroesCon, and they all seemed to come away with something good for the future.

I am just shocked and saddened; my prayers are with Mike's family and friends. We lost a great one.

ryan cody said...

I never met him, and now more than ever I wish I would have had the pleasure at least once.

- ryan

Anonymous said...


I didn't know Mike personally
but talked with him on the drawingboard a few times- he was a terrific artist and teacher

this is really sad.

St John Street said...

Sorry for your lost it hard to lose a friend I can't say I knew him but I've seen his work in the Draw Mag it look awesome. All I can say is hopefully his work an kind deeds will live on take care stay strong!!!