Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More Jack Secret and...


Surfer Joe said...

Beautiful stuff sir! Is that first one from the party Saturday night?;)

Thanks for posting the new JS image too; I am still in awe of it! Everyone has given you mad kudos on it. The pressure's on now for the rest of the books!

BTW, I will be up in that neck of the woods Saturday; Andrew is having a gallery opening, and there's some new comic release party at Meltdown that night (Eric Canete invited me). Hope to see you then!





see i wasn't loud at all! :)

thanks for signing those books

i managed to get a full short box of comics signed

meet some amazing artists, blog friends, 2 youtube guys, fans i see every year and that guy from CONAN o' brien

i knew i'd manage to put a CONAN in here somewhere :)

i also got some cool stuff too

like jonboy! giving me a free sketchbook and print

i was able to not even damage or drop them either

i'll keep up the hilarity here for ya

those pics are down below are funny

good time!

so when are we going to have that grand feast? onto our irregularly schedualed bloggin' :)

Guglie said...

Very nice stuff Dan! Jack's pic is so good!

. said...

The lean on Jack combined with the atmosphere are perfect, it reminds me of being 10 again.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors on the top image
especially the cool blue on the pavement and the bark of the trees.
great lighting.

nice form and twist on the drawings.
always an inspiring visit!

Brian said...

Pretty stuff, Mister P.

I like the technique on the Jack Secret illo. Very cool.

Dominic Bugatto said...

These are really nice , esp the 2nd drawing , thanks for sharing.

UrbanBarbarian said...

MARK: Have fun at Andrew's and I'll see you at Meltdown!

COMIKXGUY: Nice meeting you too! Sounds like the con was fun for you as well!

FELLAS: Thanks and thanks for stopping by!