Saturday, January 09, 2010

Gallery Girls

Before Drink and Draw and before Dr. Sketchy's there was this place called Hades in downtown LA. It was a unique and short lived utopia for artists of every medium. It was inside a huge gallery that looked more like a massive/dark studio space. Art every where. An old car or two. Pool tables. Full bars. DJ's and occasionally live acts. Different levels and alcoves. It's hard to describe. Once a week artists of all types would gather in secret [ literally, due to the lack of a liquor license and other, ahem, reasons ]

But the heart of it was The Gallery Girls and they gave each night a particular theme. They were Life Drawing Models, Fetish Models and photography models. Some were on a stage. Some posing right next to you. Each one of them a muse for an evening. Each one of them helping to make the night unique.

Anyway, I was sad to see the thing fall apart. Luckily, The Gallery Girls are revising the evenings in LA. Check their page for updates and new events in Los Angeles.


gaurishankar said...

great works friend,it is really fun to visit your blog.cheers...

Odon said...

That's real nice. I need to get up there for some of those.