Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Comic Book Page Mash-Up!

I mashed some panels together that I liked from God Squad, part of Marvel's Chaos War launch.

Drawing Hellstrom was the biggest plus of this book. That and the foliage. I love some outdoors! [ and some Pop Tarts. But you knew that already. ]


Dan said...

Nice! I'm glad Hellstrom is back and looking how he did in the 80's. He was one of my favourite parts of the Defenders as a kid!

Samuel Michlap said...

Hey Big Dan,
How are you doing these days?!!
I love the new stuff and of course everything else too.
Just wanted to say hi. I am finally posting again after way too long.
Say hi when you can.

Send me your email if you can.
mine is smichlap@gmail.com



Urban Barbarian said...

Hey Guys, thanks for checking it out. Yeah, Hellstrom is one of those characters Marvel never really utilized!

Glad to hear you're back to posting, Sam!