Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blade Runner Tootsie Pop

My friend and art collector, Ben DeFeo [ @bendefeo on Twitter ], has a unique sketchbook. It's all food related and there's some very funny sketches in his book by some amazing artists.

I decided to combine some old childhood favorites of mine.   Click this LINK to watch the TV commercial that inspired this drawing and this LINK to watch the Blade Runner scene that stayed with me all these years. Sean Young's character, Rachael, kinda ruined me.



Steven Satak said...

Dan Panosian... I remember you. You used to advertise your skills in the Hero game books, back in the day. Mid-1980s, I think. We were all heavy into Champions, the Superhero RPG and you offered to illustrate a customer's hero for a small fee.

My mistake was sending you, not a character, but a *starship* to illustrate. It turned out that, at that time, drawing machinery was not your strong suit. I got back a Picasso - perspectives all messed up. I don't recall what I did with that drawing, but it looks like you've made good in the meantime!

Steve Satak

Urban Barbarian said...

Ah, Anvil Enterprises! The enterprises of a 14 year old boy! That was my character design company for all RPGs! It basically taught me how to draw!

My apologies!

Steven Satak said...

Man, 14, huh? More moxie than I had at that age! I think I was 24 at the time - that would make you about 42 now. I hope things are going well for you.

Urban Barbarian said...

Thanks! Those AD&D books were expensive and I wanted more and more! Improvise, adapt and overcome! I wish I had that same drive now!

Thanks man!

CCarman said...

brilliantly ridonkulous sir!!