Monday, November 13, 2006

Rock it - if ya' got it!!!

More Drink and Draw Goodness! I'm getting all excited about the hardcover book getting published in December. Last night, the usual crew got together and banged out a few drawings and downed a few pitchers. Oddly enough, this bar has been having Karaoke on Sundays.

Although this guy didn't really have a guitar, he should have, in my opinion. He was a decent singer but his enthusiasm was his most striking characteristic. The guy was really enjoying himself. I tried to convey that in my little scribbling.


Dominic Bugatto said...


or as Borat would say Niiiiiice!

Jesse said...

You know what would make that dude, like, a million times more wicked? Yeah, that's right, if he were rockin' a guitar hero guitar. WOooo!

Anonymous said...

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TC said...

Reminds me of that cat in Venice on the roller skates.

Ben Reynolds said...

this is awesome Dan!! such a cool expresion...really like the colors, and..well, everything!

Laura Braga said...

hi Dan!
like always good work!
I envy a little bit your "drink and draw" nights.
Here in Italy something like that is quite impossible!


END said...

Danno!!! - congrats on the book! Love the new image too, so full of energy. I'm gonna start a drink n sculpt crew - na maybe not...we'd probably cut all our fingers off...oh darn. Great stuff man.

Antonio Santamaria said...

Dan, this style is really cool... I like it a Lot, also with the "karaoke session" from weeks ago... this way to sketch is wonderful and you have the key for do it great! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

ROCKING!! Can hear the music!

william wray said...

I like your wacky cartoon slef , feels a bit Kyle Baker... a good thing.

Urban Barbarian said...

DOMINIC: I like you. Do you like me?

JESSE: Swing!

EINAT: Cool site! Like the YouTube of animation! Good luck!

TRAVIS/BEN: Thanks amigos!

LAURA: Why couldn't you go to a pub or tavern in Italy and do the same thing? Perhaps a cafe?

END: Ha! Good point! Your trade is a bit more dangerous!

ANTONIO: Yeah, they keep doing their Karaoke thing and we keep drawing them. Next we need Beat Poets...!

ALINA: Throw your hands in the air like you just don't care!

BILL: I was thinking the same thing with the first batch of these. Thanks much!

Todd Harris said...

nice work dan, really like the colors, great job!

Anonymous said...


looks like a good candidate for guitar hero:)

nice pose.

Ray Frenden said...

I wish there were such an event near me. Damnable life in the country! Bah!

Kristen McCabe said...

Cool! I like his puny muscles.

So.....When are you going to sing a little ditty? Me thinks you should. Me thinks you'd Rock the House! Me thinks Me should stop saying Me thinks.

Jeff said...

Nice run of drawings. The karaoke stuff is brilliant!

goutwort said...

I really like these drawings on the brown paper. What medium is it? It looks like marker and gouache...(?)

mr paul said...

COOL Urban!! as usual. Saturday night I tried to do the same in a karaoke,...and when I checked the note book on sunday morning I saw a sort of "Picasso+s sketches" really weird..I think for me is better "Drink OR Draw". Take care mate

Process Junkie said...

This is such fun, conveys the message plenty!
Love his bicep!

I need a copy of that drunken masters gettogether harcover, I'll trade ya!

Sean Galloway said...

lovin the zaniness you bring, SiR!

michael valiquette said...

Dan, this is great, loose and free but still clean. You can see all the energy is still intact. I know it's in here somewhere, but what are you drawing on? I love the look and wanna swipe it.
Lots of fun.

Urban Barbarian said...

Hey Michael, it's called Chip Board. But I guess that's just a fancy name for cardboard backing. We're using markers and a White Out Pen. And of course, beer...!

Urban Barbarian said...

RAY: Time to start a chapter out there!

KRISTEN: Me? Sing? Oooh, bad idea. I want more people to show up to these things!

JEFF: Thanks!

GOUTWORT: Just Chip Board and markers. And of course, White Out Pen.

MR. PAUL: I'll do that! But only if you take'r easy too!

ALBERTO: You're on and I'm going to hold you to it! ;)

SEAN: Thanks, kind fellow!