Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey Kids, Star Wars!!! YUM!!!

Above is the Cintiq Pencils and below the Old Skool Inks! Tomorrow I'll post the colors.


Red Pepper said...

WOW! Dan that is super sweet. I would love that image on a ringer tee. Funny how you seem to do the opposite of most people - pencilling digitally and then inking with the old brush/nib. Why do you not digitally ink?

How do you find the Cintiq? What model did you get - we have been working 100% digital for the last 4 years but still haven't upgraded to the Cintiq...is it really worth the added expense?

UrbanBarbarian said...

Thanks! I guess I don't ink digitally too much because I haven't found a brush that mimics a real brush yet. I'm not too "brush" savy with PS.

Plus, now I have an original I can potentially sell.

And yes, the Cintiq 21" is worth it. Big time saver. I highly recommend it!

ruralbarbarian said...

How can you post colors tomorrow when I've yet to be hired to color it? Damn you, Panosian!!! You will pay on my long list of grievances on the next Gold's day!

Guglie said...

Man your blog really help me in my office days starting (I need my barbarian kick off together with coffee ;-))

I really like the SW pic! I remeber the Al williamson comics when I was a kid and it reminds me the same feeling in some way!


interesting, what a difference

and oooo i get to say... type it again:



and spidey: thumbs up!

Howard Shum said...

Nice drawing, Dan. What's it for?

UrbanBarbarian said...

GUGLIE: I'll try to keep up on the posts! ;)

RURAL: You'll get yours...!

COMIKXGUY: Thanks! Cheeks is on and I was only hired to come up with some early designs. It's his show entirely! He's really perfectly suited for Spiderman. I just hope they let him run with it and do some classic Cheeks things. He's too damn good!!!

HOWARD: It's for Coca-Cola in the UK.

Ana Banana said...

hey barbarian,

Thanks for the lovely comment. You have beautiful work! I'll have to get myself one of those Cintiq thingies. All they need now is digital paint in tubes.



Aaron Sowd said...

Nice one Dan! Glad you are loving your Cintiq! I just got one! Sweeet!!!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nicely done.

Don't think I could ever give up the tactile experience of old skool inking.

the clownninja said...

the new stuff is awesome. I've added you to my links.