Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Color Me: DEATH (star)!!!

Scary title, eh? Yeah, I know! Here's the colored version of yesterday's work. I tweaked Han's leg a bit. The knee was off and the hatching didn't follow the shape of the thigh that well.

Also, Mike Manley pointed out that Chewbacca's other hand was missing. Well, actually he thought the hand I had drawn was the other hand and that my Wookie Anatomy was off...! Anyway, I thought with the angle I had drawn that the hand wouldn't show.

It's really hard to justify standing by your art when someone points out a something that confuses them. Unless your art is intentionally vague - it's your responsibility as an artist to "tell the story". So - I changed it immediately!

Sadly, there's probably a million other things wrong with it but I'm content for the most part with how it came out!


aaaokay said...

Very nice Dan. The colors turned out great.

Tom Kidd said...

I didn't know you were here. It's nice to get an insider's look at your work. 'Death' turned out nicely.

I'm so stupid, I did a google search to find out what kind of pencils you were using. Now I remember someone talking about Cintiq.

Drink & Draw Social Club? When I drink and draw I do it alone -- a sad lonely misanthrope artist. Nice drawings from the sketch club. Great blog!



Guglie said...

Super! I really enjoyed the black and white, but this color one is really good!!!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Excellent pic!

Anonymous said...

full of the original trilogy-goodness.

The Mattman said...

Looks great Dan,
Love the progression with each stage bringing so much more.
You have every right to be content, in fact I'd say down right proud of this one.

Travis Christian said...

That's a good Chewbacca likeness, Dan.

Anonymous said...
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Brian Churilla said...

Hot damn! Looks great.

St John Street said...

I love how it's all put together great comp and use of colour hope our kool thanks for the show of support stay fresh !!!


LauraBraga said...

Hi dan.
Wow, the color version is even better than the BW. Great the idea to put the orange line around the characters.
Great pic!!!!


marco's blog said...

i am always impressed at your makes me realize how one-dimensional and sucky i am.

UrbanBarbarian said...

MIKE: Thanks! I'm pretty happy with this one!

TOM: I inked the final the old fashioned way!

COMIKXGUY/GUGLIE/BRIAN: You three make me smile! Appreciated!

MATT: At least until Bill Wray points out all the flaws!

TRAVIS: Thanks - but he's the easiest one...! ;)

BRIAN/LINTON: Thanks pals!

LAURA: A great compliment from a great gal! ;)

MARCO: I see a lot of diversity in your various posts! Us Laguna Beach folk always surprise the masses! I miss Laguna!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Back when Star Wars was good !! Stunning work !!