Wednesday, April 25, 2007



Guglie said...

Finally I can see the Red Wolf real face! ;-)

Good job Dan, I was just jocking about a comic I used to red when I was a kid

Chrissie A said...

Beautiful piece...I love those gorgeous, expressive lines and the rough-edged border treatment!


love the line its so very beautifull!!

Ana Banana said...



looks like lino-cut or wood block.

pen and ink?

must be cool living in hollywood hills. seen any movie stars lately?

Anonymous said...

Holy shnikey's Batman! That is some sick-ass linework. Was it all done digitally? They should have models like this at Hades.



don't shake his hand, it might be sticky :)

marco's blog said...

could you please put up a crappy piece every once in awhile...i have some you could borrow.
love it as always.

Surfer Joe said...

How come your quick roughs look like pieces I have to slave over for hours? You and your talent, grrrr! Oh wait- that's why you're drawing Jack!;) Looks great man!

Anonymous said...

nice details
really wonderful for the eyes.

UrbanBarbarian said...

GUGLIE: Marvel has hidden it for far too long!

CHRISSIE: I'm trying to "keep it real"!

JAVIER: Thanks!!!

ANA: Thank you, it's pen and ink. Living amongst all the celebrities I barely have a chance to draw anything. It's one fancy party after another but I manage somehow! ;)

TIMOTHEE: No, this was inked with real ink! And I'm sure we could find something like this lurking in the shadows at Hades if we looked hard enough! Sometimes that place scares me!

COMIKXGUY: He just gets a friendly nod.

MARCO: LOL! You are mad, mad I say!

SURFER JOE: I found it in your trash. Sorry...

BRIAN: Appreciated! Perhaps the image will haunt your dreams and it will show up on your blog! What a treat that's been lately!